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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

The Tenancy Control of Subdivided Units Information Portal ("the Portal") collects certain information from you when you use our website. This includes, without limitation, device ID and type, and details about your use of our website, browsing history, search queries, browser type, session frequency, geolocation information, wireless and mobile network connection information.

Data collected by the Portal is used only for the improvement of the website. Personal information will not be disclosed to any third party except that the Portal may share your personal information with third parties on a confidential basis to help manage and deliver services. These third parties may include working partners, service providers, Government or non-government authorities and/or regulators, professional advisors and/or other third parties. However, the Portal gives no warranty against third parties hacking into the data or any unauthorised access to the data by anyone.

Please note that some parts of the services are provided by third parties. You should refer to the third parties' own cookie and privacy policies for information about how they may use your information. 

This Privacy Policy has been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.